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Originally Posted by Dr.Funk
Originally Posted by Zalendar
I really do not think that Denahm Brown nor James White will fall to 56. So unless BC makes a trade to say swap the 56th pick and say next years 2nd round pick with someone in order to move up to the 30's.

With Brown getting a second workout, it really looks like the Raps have some solid interest in him.

The Raps do also have the 35th pick.

Yes I am well aware that the Raps have the 35th pick.

People in the thread are talking about taking one of Brown or White at 35, and then having the other one fall to the 56th pick and thus get both of them.

I was just saying that I do not think that either of them would fall to the 56th pick. So the only way to get both of them would be to trade up in the second round.
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