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Default Re: Does Wallace make Celtics favourites?

The thing about Wallace is that I'm scared of his impact on the other players, specifically big men. If they keep Davis then that will be a scary team and will definitly keep them on par with the Lakers. People are too quick to forget that Davis has hit multiple game winners in the playoffs. One in the eastern conference finals as well and both of them being well over 15 feet. Imagine bringing in Sheed, who has tons of experience, especially playing against the Lakers in the playoffs who will guide and mentor a kid such as that. Big Baby is the one i'm scared of . I remember when KG went out last year and they were trying to rest up Perkins he would post 20/10 numbers and the Celtics would win. This team has nothing but winners, you don't just cruise to the 2nd best seed in the East last year. Cleveland had a 66 win season.
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