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Default Re: Backup Point Guard?

Originally Posted by franchize
no your current #3 pick of the draft is.Kyle Lowry had a better season than he did lmao.Lowry only came out because he tested the waters and didnt know the rules so he couldnt return to Nova...n even he had a better year. Conley is as overrated as Oden.Must be some kinda connection.If someone would told me Daequan Cook would have the best career out of the 3 leavin OSU I woulda laughed but somehow he did.Get a new pg or work Conley to the bone in the offseason cuz right now he's not ready.
Wow most times when people post a bunch of "opinions" they at least have a little fact to their claims. But uh you really missed on every aspect of that post. Nothing you said is true.
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