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Default Re: Does Wallace make Celtics favourites?

Originally Posted by dd24
Don't under estimate a motivated Sheed. He's still 7' and can match up well with guys like Dwight Howard. He also didn't have any help at all last year in Detroit down low. He was the go to guy in the post (well if you can call it that because he likes to shoot outside). But you see what I mean. In Boston he will have KG next to him which will take off all kinds of pressure from him. Plus having a guy like Paul Pierce who can create his own shot will help a lot too. This move definitely makes them the favorites in the East.

Grant Hill would just be a back up. I'd love to have him for 15 minutes or so a game. He was productive in Phoenix, so there's no reason for me to believe he won't be as a Celtic. Especially surrounded by better talent. It is sad for me to watch the Celtics get better.......

A motivated Sheed is dangerous but what are the chances Boston finds that guy again? at 35 it will be tough for him to give them much. If you only average 6 points per game through a series against a team with a very weak frontcourt like the Cavs that says it all....thats more than just lack of motivation.
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