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Default Re: Does Wallace make Celtics favourites?

He was never the best PF in the league but he was in the discussion. He's no Tim Duncan or KG, but after that in his prime he was right in the mix. He was a bit of a disappointment actually because coming out of college he was thought to have the potential to be one of the best PF's of all time with the way he could shoot and he was listed at 7' for a long time though now he is listed at 6'11" but nonetheless his length made it tough for people to block his shot and also made him a tough person to shoot over.

He was always a good defender and I think that is where Boston benefits the most, because he can gaurd either Lewis or Howard. It was him and Chauncey that always made the Detroit/Orlando match up an easy one for Detroit. The Celtics have a PG so I can't see Orlando giving them much of a problem as PP can D up Carter if he has to, since who even knows who Orlando's SF would be.
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