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Default Lakers/Rockets Artest for Ariza sign and trade

I read that the Lakers and Rockets are discussing a sign and trade exchange with Artest and Ariza.
This would be a smart move for both teams as it would preserve both teams Mid Level Exception.
Obviously, since both players have committed to the MLE, their salaries are equal.

Though I think the Lakers will be done once LO is brought back (hopefully), I'd be interested in hearing how some of you think we may be able to make this team even better.

I think we could stand improvement at both the 1, though I know the Lakers will not move Fish (nor would I want them to), and I think with Fish, SB and Farmar, we may be in the best position we've been in for years at the 1, and at the 3, perhaps a more athletic player backing up Artest.
I like Luke a lot, but at times, he is physically and athletically overmatched.
He does have of a lot of positives he brings to the table though.

Assuming we do this sign and trade, I don't see the Lakers making any additional moves besides the aforementioned LO signing.
To make any moves, we'd need to move salary, which may be nearly impossible in this economic climate.
Still, to me, Luke, Sasha and Morrison could be moved, and perhaps with Brown back, Farmar could be used to help a trade happen.

Just a thought but how about Stache and Farmar for Battier? Houston might bite as they shed Battiers contract (which has 2 more years), while taking on Morrison's expiring deal, plus add a nice back up PG.
Lakers could at times run out a Kobe, Ron, Battier perimeter, especially against teams with big one guards, like Boston, Denver.
I have always been an admirer of Battier's leadership and I think he'd be a great fit for the Lakers, though perhaps unneccesary with Artest here now.

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