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Default Re: Chris Andersen to re-up with the Nuggets (5 yrs/$25 Mil)

Originally Posted by GOBB
Birdman age isnt that relevant giving how much time he missed. I can understand the argument over the length. I can understand the argument over the amount. But I understand why and really? His contract is on par for how teams usually spend. Rarely will you see a deal where fans say "Thats right". If Denver didnt give him this another team would have.

George Karl works his magic again with second level bigs.

Karl worked with Ervin Johnson, who went from being mediocre to being a top defender in his prime.

Now Karl has gotten Chris Anderson to play defense and rebound at a high level.

This is a good move by the Nuggets, because now they can pursue a trade of Nene or K-Mart and not have to worry about getting the same caliber of big in return.
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