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Default Re: Chris Andersen to re-up with the Nuggets (5 yrs/$25 Mil)

If Birdman fails another drug test then he's done in the NBA and that includes his NBA checks, the Nuggets just gave him a 5 year contract knowing he has been in trouble off the court with drugs then they turn around and give him a 5 year deal?...a 3 year deal would have been good but 5 years is way to much plus nobody knows how Birdman is gonna play after getting the BIG contract.

another reason why the system is massively flawed. Why should athletes such as Birdman and that RB for Miami miss chunks of their career just because they smoke marijuana on occasion?

thc stays in your system the longest out of any drug. Could take up to a month for someone to get clean off pot. Coke and other drugs take a maximum for 2-3 days to get out. Thats why someone like LT who had a massive coke problem never piss tested himself out of the league.
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