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Default Re: Randolph to Memphis for Richardson

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
I think the tempo will increase or either Rudy's, OJ's or ZBo's shot attempts are going to go down. I think we'll see a decent increase in ppg this year, defense will suck apart from the second unit, but then again, their offense will be even worse.

If the tempo increases, ZBo will play better. He was doing very well and had no problems at all with the Knicks the first half of the season and they were even in the playoff race and were over .500. Once they shafted the team and traded Zbo thats when everything went downhill for them. D'Antoni had Zbo in great shape and he had no fatigue problems and was working well in a run and gun system just fine. Alot of people assume Z-bo is going to slow down their team because hes fat but that is not the case, he has a wide body but thrives in a running system.
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