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Default Re: Artest to wear 37

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Yeah, finally found your comments on the next page.
Glad you took the classy high road and didn't pull a
I've been huge on getting Artest for 3 years, I think this is the same type of move that led the Bulls to their 2nd Three-Peat.....and the price is much beter than I could've dreamed....all we need is LO and health for another championship or 2 or 3!!!!!

Funny that when we sign LO, he'll be making much more than Artest who will be the starter. I seriously thought we'd end up with Artest & Ariza..No LO.
Not that i'm sad, I do like LO's versatility off the bench. Don't you guys just wish we could just dump Walton and Morrison now?

I dont wanna dump Walton. He contributed well in the playoffs and he's continured to blend in while the team has been successful. Great teammate as well, nice guy who loves nothing more than to share the ball and definitely a Phil favorite when it comes to using the triangle.

Think about it, Smush was bad and hes gone now, Kwame is gone now, Cook is gone.....Walton has always been a professional. For him to develop the way he did after being drafted in the 2nd round, we really got a lot.

Morrison I agree though, Don't wanna wait for him to heal lol.
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