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Default Re: Marion to Dallas; Grizzlies involved

Originally Posted by Kebab Stall
So it looks like we're trying to get in the good books of yet another team. It's a smart move, because it opens up future trading possibilties. Kind of like owing the Grizzlies one, because of what they done here. Or we're just getting taken advantage of because of our voluptuous cap space.
Unfortunately, teams are looking at us like

Mark Cuban:"Well since you're not going to use your cap space, can we help you faciliate our trade by giving you some picks or cash...more importantly cold hard cash."

Chris Wallace:"How much cash are we talking about here?"

Mark Cuban:"About $2 Million to buyout Jerry Stackhouse from his contract so we can sign him later for the Veterans minimum"

Chris Wallace:"But that just pays for our costs, we dont profit from doing it, I think we could get more to make it fair ya know"

Mark Cuban:"Well we'll just call Sam Presti to see what he can....."

Michael Heisley:"Deal."

Chris Wallace:"Mr.Heisley what are you doing on the phone?"

Michael Heisley:"I have your phone calls on speaker to make sure you're not letting money get away"

Mark Cuban:"Great, I'll send over the paperwork"

Mark Cuban:"Hey Mike, by the way is Rudy Gay available?"

Michael Heisley:"He'll be in 3 years once I cut salary costs again to rid the team of his contract"
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