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Default Re: Backup Point Guard?

Originally Posted by franchize
So Lowry didnt have a more successful season than Conley? Daequan Cook hasnt had the best career out of those 3 Ohio St. guys?Kyle Lowry didnt try to go back to school only to be told he was ineligible?Mike conley isn't overrated and underachieving?O I'm sorry...your right.Im an idiot.
Um I didnt call you an idiot. Kyle Lowry was traded for a reason. And that reason is because conley is better now and has way more potential than him. Cook is a good player but he has hit his wall and will always just be a ok role player. And its not fair to judge Oden he hasnt played a full season yet. If you are saying that he is not as good as coo for the simple reason that he has been injured, that I guess your right. But oden will be a better pro than cook.
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