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Aldridge is not the next tim duncan are you insane? Even as a best case scenario he doesn't touch that potential.
I know. It wasn't the point of my post anyways, I just pulled out a random great player's name.

I just want this draft to happen so we know who the Raptors have for next year. I'm really not any draft bandwagons either, it's just too hard to pick out who you think will be the best in this class (and that's not a good thing). Initially I wanted Aldridge and no one else but that has lessened a bit. I still know I don't want Thomas or Morrison on the Raptors though.

But even if Bart turns into Dirk Nowitzski overnight he still doesn't fit and he still doesn't solve any team needs.
That's a pretty dumb thing to say. EVERY team in the NBA could use a talent like Dirk, screw positional needs when you get a superstar player like that. Dirk would "fit" on every team in the league.

I don't think Bargnani will ever be as good as Dirk but no reasonable GM or any other high-up person in management would ever follow your line of thinking there.

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