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Default Re: Who's the biggest threat in East/West for Lakers?

Originally Posted by winningfreak
right now, the nuggets or maybe even the Clippers ( if they can get Baron playing right, Griffin going strong, and keep down on the injurys then it could be a crazy team )
out of the east

As long as the cavs have LeBron they are a contender, also the magic again ( now with Carter dunno if we could do it again ) and the celtics

C'mon Bro!!!

The clips? They just lost their Best player. haha, atleast he played like it last season. I actually watched Games to watch ZBO,Bdiddy,and Juice play!!

Idk, it seems like they ALWAYS underachieve.

Now, In the West, It's the spurs. Hands down, let them be Healthy, they went and Reloaded. Look for a big Splash.

I wouldnt really worry TOO MUCH about Denver because they lost Dahnte Jones and he was a really good defender and fit GREAT at the 2 spot for them. Do they start smith now? I dont like that idea. Jones was great for them.

The mavs will be good, but they are NOT a threat. Unless somehow Josh Howard turns into the Beast that Dallas is waiting for. That was a VERY good deal btw to get Marion.

In the EAst,

Worry About Boston. They are back and reloaded. ARe they better than last year? YES. a LOT better. Adding KG and Rasheed to that weakass front line they had last year? They are way better. Are they better than 08? No. They are 2 years older, and are missing James posey( A HUGE REASON WHY THEY WON THAT RING).

Worry about The Cavs. Ppl will talk, all they want about how OLD shaq is. IT DOESNT MATTER. He can still get it done. I HONESTLY expect 20/10 from shaq. Expect Lebron to Have a GREAT YEAR. and Then MO. Now, as a 2nd guy, he was alright, but as a 3rd option? Expect him to BEAST. GEt much more open looks, etc. And as the defense is focused on those 3, you have Delonte west, a very underrated player who will play well with the open looks he gets. And I dont want to hear how shaq is slow and he will make them a bad defensive team. They were a top defensive team in the league last year. You sub Shaq in for Big Z. Shaq is a better defender, and a quicker player than Big Z. That wont even be an issue.

Do we worry about Orlando? Not really. They did get VC, thats great. I think VC>>Turk. WAY BETTER. In every part of their games. But.. the catch is they lost Rafer, they lost Courtney lee. And yes, true they have Jameer back, but losing Courtney lee and Rafer hurts.
Now, they have 1 big. Dwight. They were already thin with their front court last year. They went Dwight,Gortat,Battie. Now they lost Battie,Gortat. That leaves them with Dwight as the ONLY real Big. They have shard to play the 4, but other than that, they have no other big man. I dont expect them to be taken seriously with a Front line THAT thin.

Especially playing a team like the Cavs(Shaq,Big Z,Varejao) And the Celtics (KG,Sheed,Perkins,Bigbaby,Powe). The front lines are too stacked.

oh Sh!t! I forgot about US! haha

C'mon now, should I even list it?


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