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Default This is why you don’t talk trash to Kobe Bryant

From Kobe’s Basketball Academy tonight, Kobe accepted the challenge of a one-on-one game with a trash-talking-happy camper.

Earlier in the day, when we were filming the courts with Kobe roaming them watching his campers, the camper told Kobe he’d “need lotion for his feet when he was done.” Kobe, beaming at his young camper, responded with, “I’ve got a long list of people like you.” The trash talking continued on in a fun, competitive way; both smiling at each other.

When it was almost time for the one on one game, Kobe told the kid he could shoot for outs and told him he’d better make it or it’s game over for him.

Kobe backed him down point after point; telling him he wouldn’t take it easy on him as promised earlier in the week when he accepted the camper’s challenge.

At the end of it, Kobe won 5-0 and grabbed the mic to ask him what the kid had learned. The courageous camper responded with, “You won’t be able to win at Lebron’s camp!”

Kobe, laughing, responded back with: “I also won’t get dunked on in my own camp.”

Haha, pretty funny
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