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I like Odom and think he's the perfect fit for Bryant.
Actually Jamison is IMO. Odom needs the ball in his hands and is inconsistent. Kobe needs consistent guys who don't mind deferring to him. Jamison is at his best when someone else has the ball. He's going to give you 10 boards every night, he's going to hit all his open jumpers, he's going to put back all your misses, he's never going to completely disappear, he's not going to challenge Kobe's ego, and he's going to pad Kobe's assist stats.

I thought Odom would be the perfect fit for Kobe but Odom hasn't improved the jumper and Kobe hasn't become an off-ball roamer. If these two things could happen then the Lakers would be unstoppable. Kobe needs to realize that Odom is better at making things happen for the team than he is, and that all he needs to do is score efficiently and they'll win games.

I'm with you on Mike James and Przybilla making these guys a second round team at worst. Depth is still a huge problem but they did pretty good with a 2 man team and humongous holes at the 2 most crucial positions.
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