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Wink Re: Management HAS to consider...

The truth about real-life salary...

You are only worth what someone is willing to pay you. His options are thinning quite quickly.

8.5 should get him. Maybe 9. 10? I don't think he will get it. The Lakers always do the right thing in the long run. They seem to have a knack for making finals appearances from what I have seen over the years. If they don't sign him, a trade could go down midseason or maybe even sooner.

I would love to have him back, but he is a luxury role player that Buss might not want to compound his tax penalty issues with. He was overpaid for most of his career and has played well the last couple years (contract year, also). He finishes game's, however and was tantamount to the Lakers winning the title.

With Lamar, it's so hard to get off the fence and definitively embrace either negotiating perspective for me. I prefer to maintain the status quo but it's not my money.

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