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Default Team Needs Analysis

Boston Celtics:

Strengths: The Celtics have a glut of talented wing players. Paul Pierce, Wally Szczerbiak, Gerald Green, Tony Allen, and Delonte West. They have sold big men prospects in Kendrick Perkins and Al Jefferson. They have a fair amount of depth and have a good mix of youth and veterans.

Weaknesses: Injuries, lack of experience at key positions, and the need of a veteran point guard. Last year Delonte West showed glimpses of being a good point guard, but to me he is still a combo guard, and a very inconsistent one at that. The Celtics could draft Marcus Williams here, but I feel that adding him is just adding to the problem of inexperienced players running the team. Perkins and Jefferson need a pass first veteran that can constantly find them open in good spots, not a rookie learning the position. The best option is for the Celtics to draft the best player going at 7, hopefully someone like Gay, and then to package the player for Brevin Knight of the Bobcats. The Celtics should eye up Mike James or Joel Pryzbilla for the MLE.

7th Pick: Rudy Gay, Tyrus Thomas, or Andrea Bargani. Whoever slides, to be packaged.
Free agency: Mike James or Joel Pryzbilla.
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