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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
Who do they have to be better than?

-San Antonio

Ok, top 5 then.

-Phoenix are crap
-LA Clippers were a fluke
-Detroit are past it

Hilton Armstrong or Josh Boone could well be available when the Lakers pick. I could see them trying to get James WHite i nthe second round as well.

This Lakers team is still relatively young and will get better pieces around them eventually.

From a Celtics fan.
Phoenix are crap? When did this happen? Right after they lost in the Western conference finals? What happens when Amare returns? Maybe Phoenix becomes less stinky crap, but still not in The Lakers class? I don't think so.

Detroit may be past their prime (some people may disagree), but you can't convincely put The Lakers ahead of them. Even if The Lakers do make some changes, they still have to prove themselves. Unless those changes involve superstars and even then I would like to see what the rest of the team looks like.

We'll just have to wait and see, this upcoming season, if The Clippers were actually a fluke or not. And if they were, then you'd be correct.
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