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Default Idiot Proof Roster

With the apparent departure of Kleiza imminent and the arrival of North Carolina's Ty Lawson it would now appear that the Nuggets roster is idiot proof. Afflalo will not be such a detriment to our starting 5's offensive production as Dahntay was and Ty Lawson has the mental ability to carry on Chauncey's gameplan.

It would appear that this roster and it's rotations are idiot proof but only time will tell if they are Karl proof. It is quite possible that Karl could keep Lawson on the bench and use Carter in his place, Karl could convince Nuggets Management that Kleiza is an integral part to bad defense and our ability to brick threes...





C :Nene->Birdman->Hunter/Petro

That rotation is idiot proof, but once again... is it Karl proof?
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