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Default draft losers

3 teams stand out to me as the biggest losers on draft night

Minnisota- unless rubio becomes a star for minni or gets great value in a trade they totally butchered it. Too eager for change the new management gives away randy foye right as he's ready to break out for maybe nothing, and takes johny flynn at 5? He's not as good as sebas and certainly not the best player they could have gotten there

New york- again this year they got way way too cute- for one jordon hill is not that good of a player and with jennings and the other pgs in this draft their system needed to get a pg while the chance was there- they take brook lopez and jennings and the team is built to attract fa's- now they are just more of a mess than before

Denver- trading in for ty lawson was terrible- not only a terrible fit with the personal for denver but didn't make a move to get holiday and ended up picking lawson over teague - add to that the cheapness of selling pick 34 when a lot of real nba players were still on the board? Nugs had the worst draft in the nba

Some teams helped themselves, some had average nights and some teams hurt themselves- these 3 teams did the most damage to their franchises and were in position to make themselves much better

Did any team have as bad of a draft as these 3?
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