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Originally Posted by Interminator
There is nothing wrong with his attitude, thats why its so ridiculous to bring it up.

The only example people tend to use is him throwing the basketball at some player 2 years ago.

I've followed Lance since 9th grade after hearing about his Rucker Park debut, and there is nothing about his attitude thats not different from most HS athletes, except he lives and plays on a bigger stage in NYC.

Okay, so i guess there are plenty other losers out there like NY DAILY NEWS:
Some have cited Stephenson's on-court demeanor as a turn-off. Others were scared away by questions surrounding his eligibility, a pending sexual assault case and rumors of Stephenson's possible involvement with an agent. His father's constant presence caused some programs to cease courting the Coney Island star.

then probably also a loser called Eamonn Brennan from Yahoo! Sports saying:
His attitude. Chris's post had a quote from a USA Basketball coach about why Stephenson didn't make the under-18 team last year, and it was about team-related attitude. In the Daily News story, a Big East assistant says "With Lance, it's always me, me, me." Davidson's coach, Bob McKillop -- coincidentally the coach of the U-18 USA Basketball team that cut Stephenson -- is now on the record saying:

"Five percent of the game is played with the ball in your hands," McKillop told the News at the time. "The other 95% is played without the ball in your hands. Lance had to work on that."

Yeah, even just cant hire some solid folks reporting:
His on-court behavior, which has been termed selfish by some and which got him cut from the U.S. under-18 team by Davidson head coach Bob McKillop last summer, is another issue that may have scared some schools off. So has the looming presence of his father, Lance Stephenson Sr., who is directing the recruiting process.

A slew of colleges have reportedly bowed out of the recruitment, including Florida, Florida International, Kansas, Maryland, St. John's and possibly Arizona, leaving Memphis seemingly as the last team standing.

Cmon, I dont wanna mess with you, but one definetly cant doubt that his attitude cant really be called mature...

Ah, by the way i've followed lance since his first abcd camp...
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