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Default Re: Lance Stephenson

Originally Posted by Sonson
Okay, so i guess there are plenty other losers out there like NY DAILY NEWS:

then probably also a loser called Eamonn Brennan from Yahoo! Sports saying:

Yeah, even just cant hire some solid folks reporting:

Cmon, I dont wanna mess with you, but one definetly cant doubt that his attitude cant really be called mature...

Ah, by the way i've followed lance since his first abcd camp...
What does any of that say about his attitude?
Father directly took control over his recruitment, so did plenty other HS players who have parents make decisions for them even though they are 18 or 19.
Lance played at a Lance-ball system at Lincoln, so did Tyreke at ACA and I didnt see anyone saying he cant adjust to the NBA. If you watched Lincoln the past few seasons you'd realize how that team revolved around 2 players, Lance & Padgett, the rest were either too undersized or just werent talented enough.

And each school that mutually seperated from Lance, was considered pulling out due to the NY media sensationalizing his late recruitment.
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