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when i mean little ass circle, i meant that as more his rebounding circumference where he gets rebounds. You're right that he does at times slap at it away from the other big man grabbing it and one of his teammates gets it, but for someone his size he should have more of a rebounding circumference. Its like other players body out Yao, so Yao is oftentimes offbalance and slapping at it instead of going for it and getting it himself. I think if he had a stronger base he wouldnt be body'd out and wouldnt lose that balance so much. I just think Yao is still too soft and plays too finesee for someone his size. While hes been having a huge season so far and its hard to criticize his production, watching him play there are things he could/should be doing better.

But this has always been something thats bothered me about some players, even when i play just playground. There are just players who dont have that i want the ball viciousness in them and they play like their scared of contact, even if they have the body or size where they could be much better with that mean streak in them.
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