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Default Will O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay Be Able to Play Together As One This Year?

Ok we have 2 guys both by the season starts Gay will be 23 and Mayo will still be 21. Two guys both can be Top 3 in their positions easily in 2 to 3 years we aren't debating that. But will our two players be able to work as a "Team", just like Isiah and Dumars, Jordan and Scottie, Shaq and Kobe.

Last year I think this was mostly Gay fault, but it seems Gay was trying to "Out Do" Mayo trying to show he was the best player on the team or the leader whatever. So any game Mayo got it rolling it seemed Gay would start shooting instead of giving it to the hot hand

Or days Mayo didn't have it going they played pretty much took turns shooting the ball. Or even alot of times when a play was called for Gay, Mayo would stand in the baseline and pretty much have no part of that offense.

when Mayo had it on a fastbreak and ooped it to Gay for the slam.

like this I believed lilojmayo called it the " Gayo Connection"

Or the pick and roll like they showed here which they barely ran together they should do it more

So my question to my fellow Grizz Fans will we see Mayo and Gay play as one this year? I think so they have been playing and workouting with each other all of season.
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