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Originally Posted by XxNeXuSxX
Wake up moron, Shawn Bradley had 0 muscle mass.

k then lets talk about 'new and improved Shaq' jackass :stupid:

does Camby of 0 muscle mass also?

how about Darius Miles?

would Z. Randolph be nearly as good as he is on the boards and in the paint without his wide fatbody?

like i said scrub, when you actually play the sport and i'm not talking about NBA Live, you might know that thin doesnt always mean better. At least i'm the one making it a case by case basis while you morons act like every player thats thin doesnt get injured and automatically plays better.

i dont know if your punkass has 1 leg, no arms, and cant play ball for whatever reason. But if you did play some ball you'd know thin and lean isnt always a better player make, let alone all these stupidass generalizations you morons pretend are always true.
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