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Default Re: Lance Stephenson

Originally Posted by Interminator

Thats funny, considering I played HS basketball for 4 years and was an All State selection.

You dont know anything about him personally, you and the other guy sound like a bunch of nerds who dont cross his path but know who he is and he wont say Hi to you. You're the loser sitting around talking about a 19 year old kid's attitude, who you dont know or havent seen anything to prove it. You just walked past him, Recognized him, Asked for his Autograph, He walked away laughing at you.

So you're wasting time arguing how bad and dumb of a person he is on the internet, like people actually care what you say.

And most good HS athletes have the confidence of Lance in their basketball abilities, whether they speak publicly about it or not. His attitude of being an emotional/tough player can be found throughout the NBA of very good NBA players.

So if it is kinda insane to you, talking about the guy here on the internet, why u are defending him like that here...

Ah by the way i dont want an answer, cause ive learned its a wast of time to discuss about lance steph.
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