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Originally Posted by JSub
Smokee is just some casual NBA fan who's trying to make a name for himself on ISH by proposing absolute BS to piss people off. Nobody knows Yao Ming better than Rockets fans. NOBODY.

We've watched him from the start and have witness his evolution from a skinny, soft spoken big man with great potential, to a dominant, insurmountable 7'6 center who is an early MVP candidate and arguably THE best center in the world. You dont average 27 points and shoot well over 55% FG in this league off pure LUCK. You are obviously aware that is pure bullsht. You dont shoot 88% FT by chance either.

Yao Ming has the league at his mercy. Shaq is nothing more than a bitter old fart who wont admit a China man is taking his throne. Somebody who has command of the power game, but prefers the finese game. Somebody who can shoot freethrows. Somebody who commands double and triple teams, yet still manages to score 27 ppg off pure LUCK.

funny thing is a casual NBA fan is WAY more objective than a pure Rockets fan

I wouldnt even say i'm casual, mebbe in the offseason, but i probably watch more NBA games on a weekly basis than you do during a full season kid
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