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Originally Posted by XxNeXuSxX
So from one sentence you conclude (with no basis which is contradictory to the rest of your post) that I've never played basketball before? Wrong again fatboy. I'm going to start calling you fat because you 'must' be since you are defending fat kids, being fat and unathletic in middle school boy, but it doesn't work even in highschool, let alone the NBA. I've exposed you before and you avoided my questions and pretended it didn't exist.

I'm an experienced weightlifter, and 'Darius Miles, Kenyon Martin are NO WHERE F*CKING NEAR the strength of Shaq in his prime. Strength is what made Shaq dominant, not fat. Explain this; How exactly does fat benefit you?
Does it make you stronger? No.
Does it make you faster? No.
Does it make you jump higher for rebounds and blocks? No.
Does it make you slower and less athletic? YES

What you don't realize is, if YOU ever played basketball, the fat kids only advantage on other's is being able to set a wider pick, and maybe hurt someone if they fell on top of him. Shaquille O'neal in his prime, had, by far, the greatest combination of upper and lower body strength in the league. And when he get's older, his strength and stamina go down with it. The only thing to do to counteract this is to burn off the uneeded fat to keep his stamina up during games.

I'd like to see a trainer or sports physician back you up

Hahaha call me FAT, i could care less. I just know ball and have played ball with/agaiinst fatbody big men and KNOW girth creates space for them. Youre a f'in retard thats never played ball if you dont know that. What i'm saying is reality, has nothing to do with me or some stupid agenda, if you really have played ball like you said then you'd know fatbody's can help a player play bigger. This is strictly about truth and reality to me, not trying to prove some stupid point like you morons that act like everybody should be thin and lean to be able to play ball correctly.

To say Shaq was all strength is stupid in itself, he and everyone knows Shaq had a lot of fat. Youre not only a retard, you dont even know a thing about ball if you dont know that. Shaq even said himself he felt more dominant when he was fatter. Take a look at some of those old pics of 'dominant Shaq' and you'd see hit gut hanging over his waistline slightly.

I'm so sick of all the retards here reinventing history of how Shaq was all quickness and explosion, or how he was all strength. Shaq was just BIG you stuipdass mofos, BIGGER than everyone and threw his body around where everyone was scared of going at him and nobody wanted to be under him when he dunked. There are so many f'in idiots here that overanalyze or completely try and reinvent the obvious, that Shaq was as dominant as he was because dude was just BIG.
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