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You know whats funny... pretty much every team in the NBA needs a center, but sadly, there are no viable options there, unless the Wizards somehow plan to make a move for Greg Oden, also known as, the next Patrick Ewing. So, yes, the Wizards need a center, but, were stuck with Haywood/Thomas and probably will be stuck with them for a while. Let us not forget that Oleisky Pecherov (sp?) will be coming to the team next year and could add a dimension to the team that we've never seen, a power foward with ball handling skills and a decent jumper, sort of like a nicer version of Darius Songalia who will also add depth. I think Washington has plenty of depth actually when Songalia returns and Pecherov joins the roster, we just need Grunfeld to keep an eye out and keep scouting these draft picks hard and hope we get lucky with one of these guys, because, we wont have a lottery pick for a very long time, and im not so sure thats a good thing with this team.
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