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Okay, fine, fatass. Good luck living past 20 without diabetes.

Then you suck if you are a guy that's all muscle mass with a combination of speed and more athleticism and can't get around/through him. The fat kid will get out muscles every time on the boards and in the post. Again you don't know what you are talking about.

Yep I'm now a "retard" for thinking muscle is better than fat, stupid me. I should have known the reality that fat>>>>>>>>Muscle and strength

Then everyone has it out for you, my little fat friend. Because no one (Fat or not) has agreed with you because what you are insinuating is utterly unintelligent.

Never said he wasn't fat idiot, I just said it helped him very little if any at all.

Link to quote? I believe he said when he was younger.

It's funny, because in Orlando in his early years he was already part of the 50 greatest players ever when he had under a 10 BF%. So why didn't he suck then? Thing is, he was going to get even better gaining that fat or not.

Reading comprehension will get you somewhere in life before you start tossing insults to people that are already more successful than you in life. I said STRENGTH was what made him so dominant, not "Quickness", idiot.

There you go!

You are the only one overanalyzing this dumbass, he declined because he's getting older, period, end of story. It happens to everyone and Shaq is no exception.

Oh and for the record I have been playing organized ball for about 17 years and I think once you get out of middle school you may be able to understand.

look you pipsqueak, lets talk about Zack Randolph. Is he not fat? Does he not average a double double and is probably putting up bigger numbers so far this year than anyone in the league? Does he not use his fatbody to his advantage? You're .99 cents aint going to do **** against a Zack Randolph down low.

Do you just regurgitate the stupid**** other people say here? Shaq is ONLY 34, Kareem played over the age of 40. Sabonis was like 40 and still balling. And all of a sudden Shaq is overthehill because hes 34? ****enA, gimme a better reason than that, considering i've never seen a decline like that at 34 from a big man. All some of you *****ass's do is just say what other people say because you cant think and observe for yourself.

Ya know for now on i'm going to call you $.99 cents
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