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Learning to shoot layups
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Guys like Kareem and Sabonis were able to play until they were much older because they were very skilled at what the did, not simply freak atheltes. Shaq has never been a skilled basketball player, instead relying on his physical abiliteis. So when age begins to slow him down some, make him less able to do what he used to do as often as he used to do it, there's the appearence of an even larger decline. Shaq may very well get some what better through out the year, but he's not the player he once was, and has little or no chance to continue to play until he's 40. Most big men can keep playing because they are big and have skills, or in the case of a few, only because they are big (see Ostertag, Bradley, Deke). But they are far from dominating. There are always exceptions, but I'm pretty sure Shaw isn't going to be one...he doesn't put in the effort on a regular basis to be in good enough condition to keep playing that long.
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