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@ 17 years of playing ball
I fail to see humor in the truth? :rollingeyes: Kids like you need a phucking beating sometimes.

If you think Zack Randolph is only good for setting picks then your retard-league against your 1armed midget brother must be a great place to judge from

Your 10 rolling smiley's in your post aren't convincing anyone. And I love how you say I said stuff I never even mentioned;

Where did I even mention Zach Randolph in my posts? Why do you have to bullsh*t like this? one armed midget brother? You further strengthen my point that your an immature little brat that needs to go sit in his room and stop posting bullsh*t on the internet.

Back to Zach Randolph since you brought him up

First of all, where is all this fat you are mentioning, he may be a little overweight, but I don't see how you are actually using this to "defend" your """""Points""""". Zach is a guy that seems to rely on his post move skills and a little mid range shot in his game and get's his rebounds mostly by positioning and good technique, He seems to have more muscle on him than fat by looking at his pictures, and that would only help him on the boards.
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