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look you pipsqueak, lets talk about Zack Randolph. Is he not fat? Does he not average a double double and is probably putting up bigger numbers so far this year than anyone in the league? Does he not use his fatbody to his advantage? You're .99 cents aint going to do **** against a Zack Randolph down low.


Do you just regurgitate the stupid**** other people say here?
I state facts, it's you who refuses to accept them Muscle=Strength, Size, and weight Fat=Fat. You still don't get that basic concept.
Shaq is ONLY 34, Kareem played over the age of 40.

Jordan played to 34, Jim Brown played to 30, Barry Sanders 29, The big O to 36. What that phuck is your point? People declind at different ages due to their longetivitiy, big phucking whoop.

Sabonis was like 40 and still balling. And all of a sudden Shaq is overthehill because hes 34? ****enA, gimme a better reason than that, considering i've never seen a decline like that at 34 from a big man.
Then you don't have a grasp on history, not our problem.
All some of you *****ass's do is just say what other people say because you cant think and observe for yourself.

Again, fact is fact.

Ya know for now on i'm going to call you $.99 cents

Go for it, because I'm the one using facts while you talk out of your fat ass, so as long as your still losing, go for it.
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