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Default My Summer League-- Lamar Doom's Twilight Tour Into Greatness (photos, stats, video)


I just turned 31 years old. I am 6'1" and around 200 pounds. I am not the best athlete on the planet but I love team sports and I can hold my own in most athletics. I at least dabbled in all the major sports (except hockey) throughout my schooling/life (no college level athletics, i was closest in swimming but I needed some work and wouldn't have survived the practices at the university i went to, but i've always been extremely strong and comfortable in the water). Most of the time these days I just play pick-up basketball or swim (I surf sometimes, ultimate frisbee, tennis rarely) but I've also done soccer and softball leagues since coming to Los Angeles.

I am a terrific outfielder, I usually play left. I played baseball growing up and was never very good but when I reached adult size I sort of figured it out.

Soccer is my worst sport that I "regularly" play, there's a lot of fundamental problems with my feet and brain's cooperation that I can't seem to fix. I love the run and it's fun but I get frustrated with not being able to do what I want. This is a league photo but I play a lot of soccer just kicking around with my friends. we play this game called "one-hop" where you have one hop (off the ground)(you can volley it if you want) to make a playable ball to one of the other players. If your pass isn't playable you're "out" of the point, if the person(s) you pass to doesn't make a playable pass from it, they're "out". once you're "out" you let the remaining players duel until there's one man standing and that's his point. Then you restart the ball with everyone back in. Game is to 10. So you're basically trying to jam the other person up or make them run and just get a touch on the ball but not be able to make it playable. is this making sense? it's a f*cking awesome game and it totally takes your mind off of how much you're running. my buddy in england plays in this court yard quadrangle and they play off of the four walls that surround them.

go get that header boy!

hands off my motherf*cking trophies!

So basketball is my favorite sport to play, I just think it's a beautiful game and it makes a lot of sense to me. I would love to tell you that I'm Magic Johnson out there but I relate more to guys like David Lee, Luke Walton, Sam Cassell, and Lamar. My dad was the captain of his division 1 (big ten) basketball team and even though he never forced basketball on me I always feel like I have those good "coach's kid fundamentals", good passing, good jump shooting, not a lot of turnovers or mistakes. My lateral speed and jumping aren't what they used to be (not that they were ever world class) but I consider myself a terrific defender and will usually volunteer to check the opponent's best guy. I am never the leading scorer but I always do a job and I'm a good, positive team mate.

I haven't played organized (indoor w/ refs) basketball in a few years but I have been looking for a league and finally found one that just started. This is the story of my experiences with that league.

Chapter 1 - Opening Week

that's me, i'm #7, i wear a Large in jerseys and the commissioner of the league gave me a 2XL so that's why I look like I'm 12 years old and swimming in my brother's hand me downs.

game 1- my team was assembled by the league and we had never played together. One of my friends from work joined the team and I've played pickup with him a handful of times and I think two of the other guys have a similar history. long story short, we had about 20 minutes of shooting around and talking to try to figure out what we were going to do. The team we played had been together for a while. I'm probably the second biggest guy on the team at 6'1" and we're up against a lot of size in this league. I ended up checking this guy who was 6'9" 250 and a load. He only got 6 points on me but he got a bunch of rebounds and I didn't even look to score inside against him or the other guy I was on. I missed all 4 of my jump shots but they were shots I normally hit around the elbow and wing and will happily take every time they're given to me. Despite not scoring I played okay, I did a good job on defense and only had one turnover. I fouled out (first time i've ever fouled out of a basketball game) with a few minutes left and had maybe 3 assists, 3 rebounds, a block, and a steal (i'm not really too worried about stats but I need to justify "I played okay" when i tell you i didn't score). We only scored 34 points in a loss and we are a pretty rough unit out there, there's only 2 or 3 guys who can score and the bottom of the barrel is pretty awful, I definitely should be starting and closing. I think we'll beat the team we played opening week next time around but they weren't nearly as good as some of the upcoming teams. We were in the game late and it was a fun first week experience. I only disliked one guy on my team which isn't bad.

Week 2 - pre-game

Okay a couple summers ago I found the best and most comfortable basketball shoe I'd ever worn. The "And1 Open Run Mid":

and I actually bought a second pair I liked them so much and would buy several more pairs if they hadn't been sold out for a year+. Seriously struggled with basketball shoes my whole life and these were perfect. Part of my struggle with basketball shoes is that I think so many of them are so f*cking ugly and over designed. Anyways these And1s are pretty worn in, and I have no problem rocking shoes with mileage, but my lovely girlfriend who is a diehard laker fan, bought me these new Kobes IV's "Draft Day Edition" (i've come a long way around on kobe but someone would have to buy me his shoes for me to wear them)

And I have to say they're pretty sweet and tomorrow I'm going to pass the torch to a new basketball shoe. Bittersweet changing of the guard.

So tomorrow is game 2 and we're playing a team that scored 98 points in their first game (we scored 34) and has guys who played football for notre dame and were drafted in the MLB. Could be a trainwreck of a game but I'm excited about holding my own and hopefully making it a game.

The league has photographers, statisticians, and video footage. I'll have my friends take some pictures too and hopefully there will be plenty to share down the road here. Games are every sunday so stay tuned I will report back after the game. If you guys are in leagues and want to post about it, go for it.

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