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Default Re: Hakeem Olajuwon is beginning to become quite overrated here.


Kareem --> Wilt --> Russell --> Shaq --> Olajuwon (Depending on my bball mood I interchange Kareem and Wilt hehe)

Overall IMO = playing ability, career achievements, legacy, innovation and impact on the game. For me that last part has always propelled Russell above Hakeem and Shaq, Russell basically caused a paradigm shift in the game of basketball.

Peak playing ability:

Wilt --> Kareem --> Shaq --> Olajuwon --> Russell(?)

Originally Posted by lakers_forever
No. I guess it's maybe their were not the defensive anchor of a 11 time winning team.
Okay, but Ben Wallace was the defensive anchor of a 1-time winning team, which is 1 more championship than a lot of HOFers/future HOFers and an amazing accomplishment in itself. So why wouldn't he get the same recognition?

ShaqAttack makes a lotta good points, which is why I don't even know if Russell is top 5 in peak ability because of his sore lack of offensive game...
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