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Not a big fan of them either, but Curry has much more to build on than Monta Ellis. Ellis, at this point of his career, relies solely on his athleticism and speed. He's a below average ball handler for a guard and doesn't show much intelligence when it comes to basketball. Curry isn't as fast or athletic, but he relies on his basketball skills to put up points. In the long run, Curry will be a better player. I think that he can learn the PG role and become a decent passer. He could be a Sacramento version of Mike Bibby and be a 18 points and 6.5 assists a game player.

I'd be happy if Ellis demands a trade, especially soon because he still has some value. Who knows what this season will be like for him. He may struggle and turn into an overpaid player that the Warriors couldn't move if they wanted to. The problem is, I don't think Curry would want to be here long term either and may look to bolt after his rookie contract is over.
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