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Default Re: Shaq: Courtney Lee Is Going To Be A Star

- it's a business, a recession economy, and an owner trying to keep the bottom line as low as possible right now.
- we already knew that VC wasn't going to stay here through the end of his current contract.
- teams almost never get back equal value when trading their superstars. in fact, the real trade was not for lee- it was mainly just getting rid of VC's contract. more accurate is, it was anderson for lee. so no real reason for anyone to bring VC into it.

this stuff is really not that hard to comprehend- i believe a 12-yr old could do it. i do sympathise about being a nets fan this summer, because almost nothing has happened nor will happen this offseason. so it's basically just twiddle your thumbs, play your NBA console games, and get excited about summer league results which have about .1% relevance to the real season.

somebody queue up those videotapes of the road to the finals in 2002 and 2003. better yet, grab them from P2P if they're available...
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