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Default Re: Lance Stephenson

Originally Posted by Da KO King
If I was a college coach Stephenson's body language on the court would have scared me off.
Thats why you aren't, Do you remember Derrick Rose?

Stephenson plays hard along with looking like and having a rep of practicing hard, but the way he carries himself screams uphill battle to coach the kid. From blowing assignments coming out of huddles, breaking plays, screaming at people, etc.
Actually that happens a lot for a player thrust into a Point Forward role espescially one in Lance's case who did not play in a system that featured him but rather Lance was the system at Lincoln.

He became the system early on at abou 14 almost immediately when he came there, so to expect a 19 year old guy to look like a seasoned veteran mastering an offensive scheme that revolves entirely around him is pretty laughable.
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