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Default Re: What's your foot/shoe size and height?

Originally Posted by DJ Leon Smith
Yeah, well the "lucky" (if you can call it that) thing for me is I can just squeeze into a 15, so I can wear those if I'm not going to be actually playing ball in them. Got a few friends who work at Footlocker who instantly put away anything in my size which helps, and after that it's all eBay :)

Another tall guy who doesn't have big feet is Kevin Willis, 7-foot and only a size 12 shoe.
Yeah size 12 is ridiculously small for somebody 6,11" (I think Willis is 6,11" because his 7 feet height is probably with shoes on). Man, I am 5,9" and my feet are only size 9 (and yet I have long arms. That's surprising because they say your forearm is the same or very similar in length to your foot so longer arms should mean bigger feet. I guess it's because I most of my arm length is from my upper arms rather than forearms. My upper arms look very long).
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