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Default Re: Lance Stephenson

Originally Posted by MannyO
computer nerd men look at the amount of posts you have compared to mine. By the way I actually play HS basketball and football so lets straighten that out. If you had Lance as a teammate you'd never even get to touch the ball once, and your over here glorifying this guy as if he is a God he doesn't even know you I doubt he'd care even if he did.
Thats ironic considering Lance doesn't know you but you have had contact with him, yet dislike him personally.

My post count is irrelevant, I dont post 100 times a day.

I played HS Basketball, and I understand the knock Lance is getting because hes a star player with a team full of average NYC ballers other than Padgett. The entire premise of the offense is to give Lance the ball and get out of his way, and let him involve you if he sees you open. But why kick it out to some guy wide open on the perimeter if he cant make the shot?

People consider that being a ballhog, and obviously he'll have to adjust accordingly at some point in the NBA or he'll end up out of the league or struggling when the offense doesnt revolve around him.
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