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Default Re: I hate this time of year!

Guys I am soooooooooooo feeling ya...I can't wait til preseason gets here!

Something Bobcats' related; we do have a couple of players (and a coach!) playing some ball overseas...the French!

Interview with Larry Brown...starts around the 7 minute mark (first part is in French).

Boxscore from the game the other night from the FIBA qualifiers...Boris' line:

3 for 6 - 7 points...7 assists, 7 rebounds, 1 block and no TOs in 27.4 minutes.

Lex: 2 for 2 - 4 points...1 assist, 1 rebound in 5 minutes.

If I happen to run across a link to those games I'll provide guys do the same.
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