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Originally Posted by SupermanOnSteroids
I'm looking to buy a new laptop for around 1200 bucks or under if possible. Primarily going to be used for college, music, and porn ofcourse. Not into gaming at all. Any advice which one I should go with and what I should look for?
For my money, there isn't a finer laptop brand than IBM/Lenovo. They are the best built, most reliable brand. I've had three so far (T21, R32, and R52) and all work pretty much as they did on the first day that I purchased them. Not one single problem except a failed hard drive on the T21, but that happens to every brand.

I hear all sorts of horror stories about Dells, HPs, etc. Not sure how true they are, but for $1,200 you can get yourself a sweet Lenovo (T60 or Z61) that will last you for years.
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