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Y'all insist on doubting me... had to go searching...

From Essence:

"Although Ananda's been linked romantically to heartthrobs like Maxwell, Prince, Lenny Kravitz and basketball great Chris Webber, she claims the only loved ones monopolizing her time right now are two newly-acquired chihuahuas, Einstein and Mozart.",00.html

From SacBee (Sacramento paper):

"He's lucky he's in Sacramento," Washburn says of Webber, who was previously said to be seeing Ananda Lewis, a syndicated talk-show host and former MTV personality. "If he was in New York or Los Angeles, he'd be dealing with this every day. It would be 20 times worse. Just think of all the tabloids there."

From NY Daily News Gossip pages:

"Banks apparently has other issues with the radio crew. We hear she's not keen on the idea of seeing Salley's sidekick face to face after Tyra stole her *former boyfriend, basketball star Chris Webber, *several years back. "Yeah, she mentioned that she didn't want to come on because we had Ananda on," Salley added."

Trust me... they dated!
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