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Default Re: Okafor for Chandler?

Originally Posted by TBone
They're salaries are almost the same. Chandler make about 1mil more than Okafor. It's weird. Their stats are almost identical (Okafor's are better). I don't know what to think of this. Both players have injury problems.

So Chandler has to play harder than Mek just to rack up similar stats and we have to pay him more than Mek for that priviledge? Of what benefit is that? And we'd have another negotiation thing to go through at the end of next season? The only thing that I like about this possible trade is the possibility of getting rid of Nazr and Vlad for the likes of some of the other NOH players that were mentioned earlier in this thread. But overall one has to ask just what the heck is our FO thinking.

I'm too.
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