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Default Re: Okafor for Chandler?

Originally Posted by TarHeelBorn
Love it. Shorter contract and pretty much the exact same player. We just need to find a back-up PF.

No. Okafor at least has a few post moves. Chandler has none.

Chandler is quicker, but offensively he's only good for put-backs and that's pretty useless if you run a Larry Brown half-court type of game.

The team (as presently constituted) has no potential. Yeah we could scramble for 8th seed this year, but anyone with a brain knows we'll be one and done with this roster.

We're a small-market franchise. Nothing wrong with that, but small market franchises have to draft well and watch their cap room (San Antonio is the model system). We've drafted poorly. No GM who knows the NBA would have taken Adam Morrison over Brandon Roy (or Sean May over Danny Granger for that matter). We've also overpaid mediocre talent. Nazr Mohammed???

Oh well. There's always tomorrow.
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