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Default Re: Ridiculous numbers I heard about the WNBA (salaries)

Originally Posted by kentatm
when that league starts to turn a profit, gets massive TV deals and sells a ton of merchandise, the women will make more money. Its as simple as that.

BTW, what moron thinks maxing out at $97,000 to play a damn kids game is unfair?

The minimum they can make is $34,000. The Ls average is $45,000.

They only play 34 games.

they are fairly compensated.

and BTW, I'd LOVE to make $34,000 to play 34 games of ball a year.
So true especially your last statement. That gives them tons of free time. If anyone thinks the NBA or any pro men's league is making too much money, just stop giving them that many endorsements and media attention. Simple as that Tens of millions for a damn ball game...I like their athletic performance, but that's a little ridiculous...I think in the future, historians would look back at our capitalist culture that allows athletes to make so much money in bewilderment.
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