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Default Re: list of shoes you wanna get

Originally Posted by mikejones232323
Hey all,

I'm into the shoe game now and I just copped some awesome new gear for the winter. You've prolly already heard of these, they are called the Jordan 6 rings... because they pay homage to 6 championship rings that Jordan won while in the NBA. They take styling cues from the Jordans that were in his commercials so it's tons of Jays all rolled into one shoe. Now at school I get all these mad looks cuz they know this is fire! The neckbreakers aka my Spizikes.

I ordered on the 11th last month and got them 5 days later! They came with the original box and retro card as well.

Check them out here

that site is do you get a retro card with a new model?
Gotta get those spacejams.i'm getting married in those.

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