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Originally Posted by West-Side
Lyrics of Fury and Follow The Leader are my favorite...I think Rakim's worst song is better then 50's best.

If 50 wasn't so popular, he'd be at or near the top of everyone's list of best rappers out right now. But because Dre/Eminem made him blow up, everyone acts like he sucks. Look at this $hit... Everyone on this board is afraid to admit that they like 50 cuz everyone else is like "dude is wack" "ban this guy" "co-sign"... Instead, everyone rides Nas' nuts and u got people claiming that ATL has taken control of the rap game. Shady/Aftermath got 3 of the best artists out right now in 50, eminem, & obie. DMX being the other... People are scared to voice (or type) their own opinions on this board cuz they're scared certain people will flame them... ISH is like a damn high school. Got too many people kissin' each others @sses...
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