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Default Re: Raptors sign Rasho Nesterovic

Originally Posted by Skywalker
brwnman and all these ******gers make it sound like he's a shutdown defender

the guy is so close to worthless, why not keep POPS instead, young guy who rebounds like no one else on the Raptors

btw that says n u t h u g g e r s not something else

He is a pretty shutdown defender. Elite? No. But he makes it tougher for you to score than 90% of centers in the league. The thing is, he doesn't have much mileage left. He can give a solid 20 minutes a game. And nobody is going to break the bank for a guy who'll only play 20 minutes. He'll help us when we face the tough centers in the East, like Shaq and Howard and even help us against KG and some lanky PFs. I am sure he had similar offers from other teams, but he chose the place that he felt most comfortable and his role is defined and he is familiar with some of the players.

and you say he is "close to worthless," that is downright comedy. And why not keep Pops? I am not against Pops, but the downside? He will be already 26 when the season starts, that is not exactly young. His offensive game consists of nothing else but dunking, while he has improved his footwork; he is not gonna scare anyone with his offense. He doesn't play much defense. He cheats for blocks a lot, and doesn't get many. And oh his rebounding? That's also overrated by people who only see "hustle, heart, determination" and all that garbage. He averaged the same amount of offensive rebounds as defensive and most of the offensive rebounds came off his own misses. He shot an amazing 35% last year as a PF; great job there bud. This team doesn't really have a need for him anymore. Evans can do what Pops can do, but a lot better. Pops is just more flashy with his dunks, but Evans will become a fan favorite fairly soon as well.

So next time you decide to call me out, make sure you know the game. Name-calling and using abbreviations such as "lol" and "lmao" will only get you so far, because in the end, the only moron that comes out of this whole argument is you. Thank you. And good day sir...
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